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Registration is OPEN

Be a part of our musical family!  Learning music is fun & engaging when done in a comfortable, open and supporting facility!  Our teachers are team members, and we make learning fun and interactive!  Lots of ways to be a part of the community.  Why not sign up for Art Lessons?  Ukulele Club? Drum lessons? Contact us today to choose the program right for you.


Happenings you shouldn't miss in the weeks ahead.

Art Classes

Feb 26-April 22, April 30-June 19

April 20

Award Recital Sarnia Theatre 3 pm

April 22

Final week of regular classes

April 30

Spring Session

June 19 

Final week of Spring Session

July 1-5

Summer Camp

Sept 9

Fall Session begins

Oct 14

Closed for Thanksgiving

Oct 31

Closed for Hallowe'en
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